Neck Pain rooted between the Shoulder Blades

Approximately a third of working adults are often bothered by neck pain, and every other office worker experiences neck and/or shoulder pain on a regular basis.

Many people experience soreness of the neck and shoulder muscles after prolonged computer use or standing cutting hair, cooking or even pouring drinks while working.

When persistent neck pain occurs, the root is often found in the muscles along the upper and middle back in between the shoulder blades. When massage therapy is applied with the intention of relaxing and subduing the autonomic nervous system response; the muscle tone “lets go” and the underlying “roots’ of muscular dysfunction become apparent to the therapist. I use the this term because it usually feels like roots to a small tree or shrub between the shoulder blades. Much of the motion of the head and its weight distribution take place in the upper back. When these muscles begin to decrease in function due to non-restorative repetitive use, injury, or other sources of trauma the muscles of the neck begin to operate more autonomously to support the head’s many daily movements. The head is so busy! LOL

This chain of events creates neck issues that can lead to acute pain, migraine headaches, loss of range of motion and reduced enjoyment of life.

Through addressing the “roots” in the upper back and into the neck I have experienced a recovery to full function of the neck muscles for many clients. It takes a small commitment to massage therapy , some heat therapies, several magnesium bath soaks, and loving oneself by doing all these things but freedom from your “pain in the neck” can be achieved in less than a month usually!

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