Here are several endearing comfort points for a therapist enduring this crisis:

  • Massage is enjoyable and relaxes you regardless of whether it has any other specific therapeutic effects against COVID resistance, and pleasure and relaxation are in themselves valuable. While a relaxing nap will save you money, it’s also clearly not as good. I mean, really, it’s not even close: massage can deliver premium lines on the face, stone-like deep coma, and at its best it is, in my opinion, one of the nicest experiences anyone can have. While some manual therapists might feel let down that massage is “just” luxurious, they probably shouldn’t.
  • Although massage has almost no “proven” therapeutic effects against COVID-19 onset, what it has is good enough to single-handedly justify the cost of massage therapy for many clients: its well-tested ability to ease anxiety and depression. That’s a big deal. That’s a great benefit, to be considered during the never-ending pandemic of 2020.
  • Helping depression and anxiety are only the tip of the COVID-CRISIS emotional iceberg. Touch is profoundly affecting for primates, and massage can probably inspire and facilitate personal growth and awareness in ways that are extremely difficult or impossible to deconstruct, test, and/or even define. This can be easily go into a lesser appreciated category when everyone is in a more frantic state.
  • Most notably, massage can almost certainly reduce some kinds of pain at least temporarily, via several highly plausible mechanisms. Pain is something than has been known to affect the bodies ability to handle and deal with stress. Stress is known to be a condition that effects the immune system negatively and puts a burden on its resources. I would say, given these facts, massage therapy will keep your immune function at its optimal performance.
  • Good health care is a process that is greater than the sum of its parts, rather than just a “service” or “product.”This is eclipsed in massage therapy because it is so strongly defined by the very specific act of touch and pressing that people are primarily paying for. With COVID-19 still being at the forefront of the reality we are dealing with massage therapy can get placed way at the bottom of your health happy checklists. That said, the service/product of massage is intrinsically valuable, and its relieving and immune boosting advantages can help you tremendously in dealing with the direct and indirect affects of this crisis.